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Ten years ago in September we adopted a puppy mill rescue Standard Poodle that you named Handsome. He really wasn't Handsome at the time so we named him Keefer Darren which is Gaelic for "handsome beloved". As a puppy mill rescue, he had a lot of issues but he was loved and made small steps over the years to become more loveable. He was recently diagnosed with heart failure and after being put on meds he had more good days then bad but succumbed last week here at home. He is sorely missed by us and his fur siblings. Thank you for the work you do!

Stephanie Mudge


My husband, Don and I adopted little Maddie from ARF in the year 2000 when she was just two years old. She was a scrawny thing but very brave. We took her home, loved and cherished her for 11 years. She gave us a great deal of joy and laughter. Unfortunately she passed away on 10/17/13 with kidney failure. She will forever be in our hearts! We love you baby girl!

Nancy and Don Morrison


Sonny came to us in September 1996 when my husband, daughter and I visited PetSmart one warm Sunday afternoon. We were getting ready to move into our first house and decided that we would expand our family, which at that time included me, my husband, my daughter and two cats, to include a family dog. We were still a week away from closing on our home and had no intentions of walking out of the door with a dog that day. That was until we met Sonny and his ARF foster dad. Later when people asked us what type of dog Sonny was, we used to respond by saying "can'ardly" and the person would say "what?" and then we would respond that he was so many different breeds that you "can hardly" tell what he was. Physically, he was about 45 pounds with the majority of his bulk made up of long black hair. He had to little brown "eyebrows" that sat prominently about his dark brown eyes and little "tufts" of hair extending beyond his ankles in a hobbit like fashion. Because of all the hair, any exertion at all would often make him pant, which caused his mouth to be almost always in a smiling position.

Well, needless to say we fell in love with Sonny and he moved into our new home with us. The vet told us that he was about 3 - 4 years of age when he came to live with us which would have put him born sometime in 1992 or 1993. After a little trouble with potty training and clothes shredding he was a perfect dog. His warm easygoing approach to life was a welcome addition to our household. He loved everybody and everybody loved him. We enjoyed 16 years of vacations with him to visit grandparents, camping, marathon walks, squirrel chases, and his favorite game of go-go-go. He stayed extremely active until about four years ago when he began exhibiting the first signs of arthritis. He responded well to his medication but over the years he stopped chasing squirrels, his walks became increasingly shorter and eventually his daily activity consisted of meeting us at the door and rolling in the grass in the backyard. Still, he seemed content to sit by the refrigerator while I cooked and wait for treats and get his belly scratches. His hearing faded and he lost a few teeth but he still enjoyed being with us and could chew all the bones we gave him in record time.

Recently he stopped responding to the arthritis medication and could no longer raise his aged body from the floor. As an experienced pet lover who has had the honor and privilege of having many pets live well beyond their expected life-span, I have always known when it was time to say goodbye, and I knew that this was indeed Sonny's time. With extremely heavy hearts, we said goodbye to our beloved Sonny on August 6, 2012.

I want to express a sincere thank you to ARF and all of their wonderful foster families. Because of your organization and one special man who took in a stray dog in on a stormy night 16 years ago, our family was able to give our beloved Sonny his forever home and in return we were truly blessed.

Tim, Wendy, Vivian, Abby, Ollie, & Faith


Just wanted to pass on information on a male Cocker puppy we got from you, more than ten years ago, when we lived in Tulsa...

When we got him, his name was "Frisbee", but we prefer 'real' names, and named him "Kirby," which had a similar sound...

Kirby loved tennis balls, and would play "catch" for hours, with anyone who would throw the ball! He also loved everyone he met, and almost everyone in our circle of family and friends, has had Kirby sit in their laps!

He was the most loving dog I've ever known, even though he had obviously been abandoned by his previous owners. Everyone who ever came to see us, always asks about Kirby, and loved him so much, especially the kids, because he loved kids.

This past April, we found a lump under his ribcage, and our worst fears were confirmed with a visit to the vet... Kirby had mast cell tumor... We had surgery, and had that lump removed, but late last week, he started a very fast swelling around his tummy... an MRI confirmed that the cancer was all over his liver and other organs, and after it was obvious that he was in great pain, we had to put him to sleep Monday, August 20th, 2012.

Our hearts are broken, at losing our little boy too soon.. We are happy that he didn't suffer too much, and we are happy that we got to share ten years of his precious life, thanks to you, at Tulsa ARF.

When we found Kirby, we were actually looking for a dog for a friend, but when we saw him, we got him for ourselves, even though we had two female Cockers already... Kirby has made a huge difference in our lives, we loved him so much.

Thank you again, for the service you provide, and Thank you so much for rescuing Kirby, and allowing him to live his life with us!

Ray and Andrea Webb


In memory of our sweet poodle Brooke. We were blessed to adopt her from you in August 2002. The fact that she was missing her right front leg when we adopted her did not slow her down. She was a joy to us the moment she came to live with us and we loved her dearly.

Thank you for all you do for these precious animals.

Mike and Judy Reid


I adopted my Lucy (Breezy) dog from ARF 15 years ago. She has passed away. She was the best pet ever and I have had pets since I was 3 years old. She was so well behaved which is not a requirement at my house. Lucy potted trained Ethel and Rikki, taught them the way things work at our house. She was the most loving pet I ever had. When her and I would take a nap, if someone tried to wake us before we were ready she would run to the end of the bed and bark at them like she was going to attack. I could go on for hours about how wonderful she was. I was so lucky to have her in my life and can't wait to meet up with her at the Rainbow Bridge!

Thank You ARF for giving me such a wonderful gift!

Gina Graham


I met Nitro at the Horizon Animal Hospital on the day that ARF rescued him from the pound, which was about three weeks prior to adopting him. He had heartworms and had to stay at the clinic during the treatment and recovery process - they saved his life.

A year and 1/2 ago he went into kidney failure and we almost lost him, but with many prayers and a great Veteranarian, Dr. Jones, at The Animal Care Center in Springfield, MO, where we now live, was able to save him. I'm grateful for the additional time that I had with Nitro, but it still wasn't enough. He went into kidney failure again on 9/15/10 and I had to say good-bye. My heart is broken and I miss his presence more than words.

Thank you ARF for rescuing him and allowing me to be his Mommy.

Kristina Chandler


Our family member and friend Brooklyn has passed away. She was definitely loved and will be greatly missed. We had our difficult times with the many stains on the carpet but she was a fabulous dog and a faithful companion. We will miss her. She died of what our Vet says was a form of cancer on Friday, August 13, 2010. We would like to thank ARF for the fabulous opportunity to have Brooklyn in our lives. You are not only rescuing animals but allowing people to experience love thru a pet. Thank you.

Audie Logan and Danny Polite


Magic came into our lives late January early February 1995. A Blue Healer puppy he was as ornery and cute as any puppy is. My wife and I had had the unpleasant duty of putting down our beloved Cocker a few months before adopting Magic. Being a dog person I could not go long without having one in the house. We happened to go into the PetSmart on 71st one Saturday afternoon. ARF was there with several dogs and this litter of pups. We fell for these pups. I had never heard of Blue Healers but couldn't resist. Due to our reputation with our Vet we were able to take Magic home that night. He quickly became a part of our family.

He was a great playmate with me and our daughter. He loved to herd her around and was a constant protector of her. Magic also loved playing frisbee. He never went anywhere without that frisbee when he was in the yard. We had to take it away because he would chew them up and we were afraid he would ingest the plastic. We started giving him our old shoes to play with instead of a frisbee. This dog was smart. He never bothered any other shoes in the house or in the garage. He only played with the shoes we would give him. Those shoes were his pacifier. Even the mailman felt safe around Magic when he had a shoe in his mouth. Everyone always loved to see him. He was very obedient and eager to please. He was always happy to see you unless he did something he knew he shouldn't. Magic was never a good liar. ;)

Magic started slowing down these last few years but he was always faithful. Two weeks ago he stopped eating and started having trouble getting up. A visit to our vet had us worried. The meds seemed to help for a few days, there was hope Last Monday night July 26th we let Magic out for the night. Something told me he probably wouldn't wake in the morning. We buried him Tuesday morning with his beloved frisbee and a "new" shoe. THE BEST DOG I EVER HAD!!!!!

Brett Stewart


I have to thank ARF for a blessing of an animal named Ginger. In November of 2001, I walked into PetsMart on 71st looking for a furry addition to our family. Everytime I gave my oldest daughter a piece of paper and asked her to make a Christmas list, she returned it with only one request....a dog! So here I am, determined to find the best fit for our family..and I see her! Lying in the cage, was the sweetest looking terrier mix! I asked an ARF volunteer if I could please see her. The volunteer brought her out of the cage for me on a leash, and Ginger looked at me, licked my hand and laid down by my feet. Well, as you can imagine, I was hooked! I talked to her, held her and asked, "Where do I sign the adoption papers!"

It was November 11, 2001, when I got a call from the foster family. I had a lengthy discussion with her and felt very comfortable and confident that we were the chosen family. My son was out of school the day we got to bring her home! We picked her up at the vet, and took her to her new home. When I went to pick up my daughter with this precious little dog as the only item on her Christmas list, I was beaming. I held my composure and waited until we got home to bring Ginger into the room! Her eyes lit up! She was elated!

Ginger has brought more joy, companionship and love that I could ever tell you about and imagine to the Clark family. I have had many dogs over my life of 44 years...and she is right up there as the number one dog.

She was a buddy to EVERYONE, always slept with each of us during illness, was the best behaved and had the best disposition of an animal I have ever experienced. Anyone that came to our house wanted to take her home. We've had so many wonderful, valuable years with her.

It is now December 16, 2009. We have enjoyed 8 great years with Ginger. Three years ago we added a rescue Cocker Spaniel to our family...Dee Dee. Ginger loved, bathed, played and cared for Dee Dee as if she was her baby. About two months ago, she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. We changed her diet, placed her on heart medication and a water pill and hoped for the best. When I came home today from work, my daughter, who is now 16 had called before I reached home and said Ginger was struggling to breathe and I hurried. We took her to her vet only to find out, she was going downhill fast. Both girls, myself and my husband had to make a horrible decision...we had to put her down.

I have been pathetic these last 13 hours. I can't stop crying and I've been no comfort to the family. She slept with me, helped me wake up the kids every morning, and was my shadow. That shadow is gone and I'm heartbroken...but I know I did the right thing...I couldn't let her suffer.

Just wanted to share my story and to thank your organization for caring enough to rescue these wonderful companions and allowed me and my family the joys we have had with this wonderful furry friend...Ginger.

Shelly Clark


I held both of them in my arms when the Vet gave them a shot to make them sleepy. I watched them stop shaking and turn their soft, sleepy brown eyes up at me and I whispered words of love and comfort to them. They cuddled closer to me. The doctor gave me time alone with them as I felt them melt against me. When he came back in, I nodded. They had drifted off to a soft place. It just took a minute. I felt their little hearts stop beating. At that moment, I wished mine would stop beating, too. They both had come to me as unwanted. Willow had been a mistake in breeding, half daschaund and half maltese. She had licked my tears away when my husband of 25 years had left. She was 15 years old, but could still play like a puppy. I had her since she was 5 weeks old. Davey was 11, a little Bichon who had shown up on my doorstep, when he was about 2. He was dirty and covered in fleas, starving. I bathed him, fed him and I can still feel his soft breath as he laid his little curly head against me, that night, as the thunder rolled outside. They both had developed Diabetes taking 2 shots a day and a perscription dog food, but they were happy. Willow went first and Davey wouldn't get up out of his bed after she was gone. Within a month of her death, he was gone, too. I dare anyone to say to me "they were just dogs." They were woven threads in my life. I will never forget you, my darlings.



We agreed to foster Mac on Memorial Day weekend and never gave him back. As close a we could tell he was a schnauzer/poodle + mix, black and white with a little gray. He was a wonderful fellow, a quirky personality and an all around great companion. Our time with him ended in December of this year. Thank you so much for saving him and making it possible for us to adopt and love him for so long.

During Mac's time with us he went camping, trailering, sailing, canoeing, swimming. hiking, and lots of traveling. He enjoyed a well-rounded life!

Carol Webb


Taxi was the scruff little dog that the wife thought was so ugly in the Petsmart store that December day in 2001. I told her he had a gentle soul and an independent streak. There was a tag on his cage that said he had a heart valve problem and would require meds and watchful Vet care. We decided to "take a chance" on Taxi (so named by ARF providers because he was as yellow as a taxicab). We kept his name when we adopted him, and soon realized we had one quirky, funny little dog loaded with a unique personality all his own. We came to know that it was an honor to be adopted by Taxi. He became "the wife's" dog. They were constant companions and running buddies. Taxi really liked me, but he loved the woman that found him so "scruffy" that first day. She loved him too. She and I both cried the day he passed almost 8 years later. We are both in agreement that he was the finest "person" we ever knew. We will miss him.

Taxi's family


We have just gotten back from the vets office for the last time with Foxy. She was a wonderful addition to our family she came at a time we needed the loving devotion of her & she accepted our family with the grace of a long friend we have just lost her after 15 years & cannot thank ARF enough for the wonderful years she gave us. Thank you again.

Tom Simpson


I lost the love of my life on Friday, August 29th my beautiful red merle Aussie - his name was Jaggar. I met Jag at the PetSmart in March of 2001 and it was love at first sight for me. I cannot begin to tell you how much joy and love this dog brought to me. He loved to steal socks clean or dirty, dress or white and hide them under the bed. We would have to warn guests to close their duffels because he would find the socks and take them they weren't safe shoved into shoes or hampers either. The socks were never hurt, just stocked under the bed. He loved to ride in the car and would sit in the front seat and watch everything as if he knew where we were going. I could go on and on... He and his buddy Deuce were playing in the front yard as they did every morning and Deuce let out an incredibly sad howl and I discovered Jag down. I ran to him but it was too late and he died in my arms. The vet said it was a pulmonary embolism. He was only 8. He was laid to rest under our mulberry tree next to his buddy Moose who went over the Rainbow Bridge 2 years ago. If the depth of love is measured by the depth of pain, mine for him is profound.

Susan Noland


Dear ARF, I wanted to Thank you all for Ava, a little yorkie poo I adopted several years ago. Dixie Bee was her foster Mom, and Norita had also taken care of Ava the yorkie poo for a while. Ava died today of liver failure. I tried everything to save her, went to 3 different vets, but she was 13, and basically they said if she was a human she would need a liver transplant. Ava was the most unique dog I have ever had. I also foster for Puppymill rescue, and Ava helped me rehab some of those dogs. She was hyperactive, nosy, on the go, vocal, in-charge of everyone and everything, the queen of the world, up until she got sick a month ago. Ava could climb anything, never let us go anywhere without her, never left my side, made everyone laugh, and everyone who knew her loved her quirkly personality. I love her more than I can say. Thank you ARF for giving me those years with her. It was my honor to know her.

Laura Garrison


Bindi was a beautiful Australia Shepherd/Great Pyrenees mix I adopted through ARF In October of 2006. Sadly, she had a severe condition passed on by her mother which increasingly became worse with each new outbreak. Miss B went over the Rainbow Bridge with the loving care of Dr. Suzanne Caruso and the caring employees of Vet Associates on Tuesday, December 4th, 2007. I miss her more than words can say; she was funny, loving, mischevious and a "little sister" to my Miniature Schnauzer, who tried to keep her under control (he weighs 18 lbs, she was a hefty 72). I miss you Baby Girl. See you soon!

Momma and Tuffy


We adopted Amos, a border collie mix, from ARF on March 17, 1994, the day we closed on our first house in Tulsa and four months after our wedding. Eight years ago, we moved to Chicago. Amos was put to sleep today due to old age. Until recently, he was a very healthy dog and had a great, happy 14 years. Amos was a great companion, watchdog and best friend. He loved his daily walks around the neighborhood, barking at the mailman, Begin Strips, snow, and just being pet. He was one of the best dogs ever - we miss him so much! Thank you for rescuing him for us.

Paul, Kristin, Emma Bronsteader and Barney the beagle


Miss Celie came to my house from Florida in 2004 - she came with my son Danny who had rescued her from being dumped by a neighbor of his, five years prior. My son had become very ill and moved back home to try and recover and get some rest. After finally being diagnosed with cancer, he lost his battle on September 01, 2005. Miss Celie was never the same after he died and she gradually became thinner and thinner - though she checked out with no worms or obvious disease. One morning I found her still in her bed - obviously not having been out of it all night. She couldnt walk when I stood her up, and she could barely raise her head. I had to have her put to sleep. She died just 3 days after Danny's birthday on May 13, 2006. Miss Celie was a bright, perky, fun-loving little friend. A constant watchdog and a faithful friend of her old cat buddy, Solomon. A Min Pin who never stopped laughing and playing - scampering to bring back the ball, as long as you would throw it. Though her steps were slower, she did this right up to 3 days before she finally gave up. I knew when she stopped chasing her ball, she was leaving me. I think she died of a broken heart - Danny was her daddy, her friend, and her Master. I miss them both with all my heart; and as I have already written a memorial to my son, I wanted to try and do the same for his little friend. Miss Celie, I love and miss you. I believe you are chasing a ball again - thrown by the hand of your Master.


She came into my life sick, cold, starved, abandoned and scared, but mostly, she was OLD. She had nothing to offer me. She couldn't heel, couldn't sit on command, couldn't jump over hurtles, couldn't run through tunnels, or weave through weave poles. These were the things that were important to me. She was useless. No one wants an old and sick dog. No one knew where she had come from, what she had endured, how she had survived. At 13 years old, she had nothing left to give or did she? This old dog taught me to take life one day at a time and to enjoy just that day, for you never know what tomorrow might bring. She showed me how to love unconditionally and not expect or demand anything in return. She taught me patience and showed me how to deliver kindness. Most of all, she made me understand what true grace is. For her, a kind word and a soft touch was all she needed in return. She gave me everything she possessed: grace, kindness, love and dignity. It was all she had, but it was what I needed. This one old and abandoned dog will not be forgotten.

In loving memory of Audrey - 18 plus years
Died June 23, 2007


My sweet Maggie crossed the Rainbow Bridge on April 16, 2007 at 9 years old. She was the sweetest, most loving dog. Even though her heart and spirit were still full of love, her body could not go on. The pure love and faithfulness that I received from her will never be replaced. The sadness and ache in my heart will go on always. I miss her deeply. I know that she is waiting for me on the other side of the bridge, and we will again be together one day, so that I may caress her sweet face and look into her loving eyes once again.

I miss you Maggie, Love Momma


Most devastatingly, I lost my feline friend of almost 12 years this past week due to severe complications resulting from Diabetes. He was very sick and spent his last days at Ranch Acres Veterinary Hospital where he died by injection on Thursday, December 28th 2006. I loved Grey very much and will miss him with all my heart. This was a creature that was a constant in my life from late childhood through today we resided and grew through the stages of our formative years, and more than anyone else, he was privy to my many moods, emotions, and transformations this being who loved me unconditionally, and accepted me whether good or bad, fat or thin, beautiful or not. And especially during adolescence when true friends are few and far between. For that I thank him, and will be forever grateful. No matter what pet I may ever have in the future, none will ever be the one that went through it all. None will ever be the same. And it saddens me greatly. Grey was very amiable, gentle, and kind. Of course, he didnt prefer to be around lots of people and wasnt the most sociable kitty sometimes, but for those of us who lived with him, he was the best companion, a loving friend, always tolerant of hugs, always willing to come when called, and ever ready to serve as a foot warmer or lap weight. And as a gesture of last respect I am sending this tribute in his honor. For all of you, just remember if you have an animal companion to please appreciate them. The love, loyalty, and understanding that comes from their souls is about as pure as it will ever get.


My husband and I adopted an adorable puppy 4 years ago. He just died this morning due to complications with epilepsy. He was our baby and he will be dearly missed. Thank you for bringing him into our lives. We hope to adopt again.



My dearest Chico... I miss you so much every day. I don't know if the pain of your loss will ever go away. You are forever in my heart. Don't forget, Mommy loves you and I'll see you in heaven. So, save me a place!



Each one of you left a very special impact on our family's lives. We are so grateful to have been so lucky to have had such sweet and genuine animals. We feel blessed that you each chose us as your family. There was never a day you didn't fill our lives with laughter and affection and warmth- the special kind only a special pet could create. You were each a part of our family, you always will be, and your memory will always be kept alive in our hearts. Watch over us, and we will someday be able to hold you again.

We will always love you, The Allisons - Ted, Shelly, Lyndsay, Amber, Kimberlyn, Sugar, Andy, Lucky Bud, Gypsy, Miss Persnickity, and Adam


You were a huge part of our family for 11 years and you are missed every day. We will play together again someday, I just know it!!!!!

Love Paulette, Rachel, Jared, & your best friend ABBY


Born May 2, 2002, our precious baby filled our lives with joy. She passed away too young on December 22, 2002 from a hidden disease she was born with. We'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge...

Love forever and always -
Momma, Daddy and Aspen


Lucky died of heart failure on Monday Dec 2, 2002. I will miss him something terrible, he will never know how much he is loved & missed. Words cannot explain the hurt.

Richard Donahue


Our Precious orange tabby received from ARF on December 24, 1993. He will be missed by Valentine and I and by his sister Coco. We are eternally grateful to ARF for the gift of this wonderful boy. Thank you for this treasure and for the loving care other "Beau Kitty Boys" get from you very special people.

Very Sincerely Yours -
Dennis Lee Bricker


Our beautiful American Eskimo Spitz that we adopted when she was just a year old passed away on June 19, 2002. She was 13 1/2 years old and died of kidney failure. She was always a fun loving dog with a happy face! She was a great watch dog and protector of "her domain" and no one was allowed in our yard without her approval! She will be greatly missed by us!

The Sheldons - Joe, Kim, Jesse and Shanda


In loving memory of Blackie. We will always miss you.

Heather Hampton


To BooBoo, my companion, my dearest friend. I love you, and miss you horribly. I'm honored to have had you in my life. May you be surrounded with hundreds of playful squirrels. I love you...



In loving memory of Lacy, my wonderful miniture schnauzer. When she died, at 15, of congestive heart failure, I lost my best friend in the whole world. I love you Lacy.



In memory of Quasar & Lady. Quasar was a Rag doll/Himalayan lived to be 10 & Lady was a German/shephard lived to be 12. I will miss them always.



in memory of our sweetest scoobies....from the time we found you at 4 weeks through the next 11 years, you were our cuddler, our favorite front seat rider, and our best friend. we know that there is a special set of doggie wings in heaven for you for all the love you gave. our hearts are broken without you.

love carl, sharon, jessica, and hilary


To the Boys! We love and miss you. Keep on hunting, we will catch up soon!

Tommie and Sheila


A angel sent from heven to a loveing family of 2 young children and 2 loveing adults passed away Febuary 27,2001 of a platter stone the size of a peach seed she well still run thought are heads as long as we live!



Lenny was loved by everyone and made everyone smile. I'm so sorry that she died an untimely, undeserved, and violent death. I was hoping to have her around for years to come. But we will all remember her neat and clever tricks and will cherish the good times we got to spend with her.

Amy L. Cauthon-Smith


Even though it was short and very sweet we know you still go on. See you soon in the meadows of home. We love you puppy, you are very special.

Sandy, Cassie, and Camryn


This little dog was the love of my niece's life and all that ever touched her, she just captured everyone in the love and affection she had for everyone, and mostly my niece. Although my niece has gone on to rescue other animals, I believe this precious dog will always be in the back of her mind as well as the rest of the family.

Sammy Coker


Erin our beautiful Golden Retriever puppy of nine months, and Max our new rescue Golden Retriever that have helped bring the joy and laughter back into our lives.

Angna, Jerry, Logan, and Holly


Two wonderful Cocker Spaniels who shared their love and lives w/us for 14 years, we miss you everyday and your loss has left a huge empty place in our hearts.

Angna, Jerry, Logan, and Holly


We miss you so much, but we know you are in a better place.

Amy and David Kullerd


Maggie Moppet was a cat of personality and was owned by two very special people who will miss, love and cherish Maggie forever.


In constant memory of our beloved Spuds, an English Staffordshire that was the delight of our days, you are not replaceable, but we open our hearts to others that need homes.

Ron and Ann Radebaugh and the furry gang


At of all the times we have had together, I will cherish each and every one. You were the light of my day, and my sun. You always greeted me with a kiss whenever I got back. And even when I was cruel to you, you always gave me slack. From a white puppy in sewer, to a loving dog, you are my most favorite of all. So from years to come, and years to go, I will cherish you in my heart to now and then.

Pamela McMinn, Paola Alvarez, Alex Alvarez and me, Anya Alvarez and your best friend dog, Mookies.


In loving memory of Max, Lady and Toby whom were all loved and will be missed forever! We'll see you soon.

The Sherrill Family


You were my friend through thick and thin, you waited anxiously for me to return from basic training when we were young, and we picked up just where we left off. I'll always have you in my heart and remember the times we shared.

Tina Cox


Joshua, you are always in our hearts. We love you, miss you and will remember you forever. We love you, Joshua.

Love, Brenda and Everyone that knew you


In loving memory of Cybill, a Schipperke, she was very hyper, but very lovable dog, she will be missed.

Sara, Liz, Mom, Dad, Gammy, Da-dad, Amber and Gail


You were so very special and death came so quickly and unexpected. How we miss you but we'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Love, Shirley and Mac


In loving memory of Sandy, my best friend from the time I was 2 until I was 18, I'll miss you and love you always.

Joanie Dobson


The short time you were with us, you filled our life with love and joy. Hope you found a pair of shoes to chew on in heaven.

Tim and Heather


In loving memory of Romeo and Hamlet, two gray long hair kittens whose short lives were filled with so much love.

Tracy, aka Mommy


In Loving Memory of Bucky, our 15 year old Cock-a-poo. We miss you very much, we will love you always.

Mom, Dad, Corie, Casey, Sarah, and Snoop


In loving memory of my 2 cats and 3 dogs that passed away. We miss you. Their names were Squeaker, Sparkle, Opus, Joesph, and Gabby.

Tina, Rose, and, Gail


Truman, a shy scared puppy mill dog, turned into a very happy loving dog, he loved to play, snuggle and was cute as pie. We miss you greatly, our "Tru-Baby."



In loving memory of Charles Joseph Howard (aka Chuckie "The King"). We miss you!

Love, Kristi and Tony (and Stormy "The "Queen" and Milo "The Scribe")


A very special cat, the house won't be the same without you.

Steve and Johnna


The cutest puppy anyone ever saw, we miss you.

Johnna, Steve, Josh, Chris, Steph, and John


My little black mutt doggie that I, my family, and our Minature Schnauzer miss very much.

Annie Rozell


A beautiful dog who is in a place free from sickness and pain.

Johnna Caffey


Age 12, who was all heart.

Bobbie R. Mobley


A long time friend.

Elaine Lee


Companion for 13-1/2 years.

Everyone at ARF


15-year companion to Cindy and Bob Lang.

Gretchen Smith and Kathy


Lynn & Steve Murtha's little boy.

Linda Hobbs


My bearded collie x who visits me in my dreams to reassure me that's he happy and no longer in pain.

Sherrill Durbin


In memory of Joyce & Leroy's special "little boy" whom they loved very much.

Kathi Teeter


In your memory and in honor of Heidi.

Donna Hunter


The house is now very different with all 3 of you at the Rainbow Bridge. We still hear your barks and tags clinking to remind us your spirits will always be with us! Goodbye until we meet again!!

Bob Bauer & Craig Davison


To our beloved Maggie, You were the sweetest dog a family could ask for and we will miss you more than you'll ever know. We will always remember you as the kind, majestic beauty you were and we're so glad you're out of pain now at the Rainbow Bridge!

Love, Mom, Terry, Angie, David, Ginger, Justin and Sparky!

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ARF does not pick up stray dogs, cats, puppies, or kittens. The City of Tulsa will pick up strays and some other rescue groups might assist you.

Don't Litter!

It is against Tulsa pet ordinances for you to have a dog or cat older than 6 months that is not spayed or neutered.

Please help us save more dogs from being destroyed at kill shelters by spaying and neutering your pets. Unless you are a licensed breeder, you should not have an intact dog or cat. Be part of the solution instead of part of the problem!

What Is TOKT?

ARF's tattoo numbers begin with the letters TOKT. If you find a dog with those letters followed by numbers tattooed to its inner thigh, please call ARF and let us know.

What Parents and Children Should Know!

If you are adopting a dog or already have a pet in the house, please look at this video (Preventing Dog Bites to Kids) to prevent your child and pet from injury and heartbreak. Did you know that 77 percent of all dog bites happen with family pets or with pets belonging to friends? Watch and learn.

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